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JASS is the resident Japanese cultural society at UTS.

The society celebrates Japanese culture and cross-cultural friendship between Japan and Australia. The society is for anyone who loves Japan as much as we do – and we hope to continue involving you and the rest of UTS.

The society was founded in 2004 and since conception, we have been working hard to host countless events to promote cultural awareness between the two nations, making it THE SOCIETY, a staple for cultural exchange for UTS students and fellow inter-university peers.




2018 JASS Executive Team

With big shoes to fill from our 2017 Executive predecessors, the 2018 Executive and Committee Members are vibrant, experienced, and fun individuals from various study disciplines at UTS.

Each offer their own unique expertise and contribution to JASS, and we are proud to say that our dedicated Executive and Committee Team represent over 10 cultures within the group – all with one common purpose – to uphold and promote the JASS’ brand and reputation.


Jamie Singer


Dylan Kuronuma

Vice President

Nick Dominique-Bouvat


Michael Nguyen


Tyrone Huang

Events Coordinator

Samuel Kwok

Language Director

Natalie Lai

Communication Officer

Amy Nguyen

Art Director

Odette Abrenica

IT Director

Erfan Polat

General Committee

Emily Su

General Committee

Nolan Huang

General Committee

Mayu Wakao

Japanese Representative

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