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Our Mission

Formed in April 2004 by local Australian students who had undergone exchange programs in Japan, JASS-UTS exists to promote an understanding of Australian and Japanese cultures for students at UTS. We promote friendship bonding between people with a common interest. Whether it's Japanese culture, language, music, anime or fashion, we promise to be a club that meets all these needs with activities and many events.


Vice President
Vivian Chan

Studying: BBusiness (Marketing) and International Studies (Japan)
Bio: Hello, I'm a crazy pug lady. PERGS!

Joyce Lam

Studying: BComm (PubComm) and International Studies (Japan)

Bio: Hi, I'm Joyce and my spirit animal is the sloth.

Em Chai

I like SHINee~

Executive Team
The 2014

Studying: BSc (Networking) DipInfTechProfPrac

Bio: Hi, I'm Isaac and I like to party.

Isaac Hoo

Studying: VisCom (Design)

Art Director
Richy Setiadi
Language Classes
Yvonne Zhu

Studying: BComm (Info Media) and International Studies (Japan)

Bio: Hello, Yvoon here and I love cosplay :)

Jesse Alan
Communications Officer and Photographer
Kay Do
Carlos Fernando Viana

Studying: BMedicalScience
Hey, I'm Carlos and I'm easy

Studying: BBusiness

Bio: I love Japan

General Committee
Meig Buhagiar

Studying: Biscuit Base (BScITBAIS) IT and International Studies (Italy)

Bio: #TokenWhiteGirl

Fay Ellis

Studying: Bachelor of Nursing

Bio: I work hard to eat and eat to work hard.

Ravi Shivakumar

Hipster Contrarian Rainbow Revolutionary Anarchist at heart.

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